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Anthony Colandro Crime Proof is now available for pre-order

This first print run of Crime Proof is available now! I have self financed and self published Crime Proof to escape the clutches of big tech and the masters of the universe and their censorship. Everyone who had ordered copies of the first run will receive an autographed copy. When the books arrive from the printer they will be shipped directly to you unless you have selected the option to pick them up at the range. Thank you for all of the encouragement and support. Support those who support you!

I finished reading the manuscript of your book late last night. It was hard to put down after finishing the first chapter. I can tell that you genuinely care and are concerned for the safety of your readers and their loved ones. This project is a labor of love. Unlike a typical safety guidebook on self-defense, you cover a wide variety of topics, from shopping malls and cyber safety to the workplace and senior assisted living homes. I like how you provide your safety tips from different perspectives and then back them up with your rationale and explanations.

The subject-matter throughout the book is timely and helpful, especially the advice you provide to citizens regarding how they should respond when being arrested (whether it be unlawful or justified) and how they can exercise their 4th and 5th Amendment rights. Your ability to explain a scenario in detail and help the readers view a situation from law enforcement’s perspective offers understanding, clarity, and empathy on both sides.

The writing style is straightforward and eloquent, and your narrative is engaging. Crime Proof is a “must-have” in every home, business, and organization so that readers can revisit the topics and still find the content refreshing and applicable.

Crime Prof Book TestimonialSarah Y. Tse, TSE World Wide Press

Anthony Colandro has been telling people what to do to stay safe his entire life.  Since 1992, the year he established Gun For Hire, LLC, Colandro has taught thousands how to shoot straight and not be a victim.  “Crime Proof, Think Like a Criminal and Beat Them At Their own Game” is 300 pages of easy-to-read self-preparedness that you’ll never want to put down.  It all starts with mindset, then awareness and defeating vulnerability in almost any daily situation.  Home invasions, cover, concealment, using your cell phone, firearms advice, unexpected deliveries to the home, even how to let the cops in to clean-up.  What to say to law enforcement and what NOT to say.  And most importantly, how to stay out of trouble to begin with!  It’s all here, organized so you can share these life-saving concepts with family! Pre-orders will be SIGNED COPIES!  Get yours ordered TODAY!

Black Wire Media Editor in-Chief

Hey Anthony,

I’m an avid listener of the gun for hire radio show and come to the range from time to time.

I normally listen to the latest episode every monday when I make a 1hr commute for work.

Today I listened to episode 510 and you had told a story about someone who had an enraged woman break into their home by busting out the pane glass in their door and then sticking their hand through to unlock the door. As I am listening to that story I began thinking of all the times I feared that would happen when I used to live at home when I was younger because we had beautiful french doors that just screamed to me “break one glass window and you can enter the home with ease”.

You talked about having the windows replaced with safety glass or something that doesn’t break/shatter easily and how most new doors come with safety glass already installed. Well I just moved into a new 1st floor apartment 3 weeks ago and surely the primary door that we use to get in and out of the house has half pane windows on the upper half of the door.

My ass drove immediately home after hearing you speak on this just to see if the glass in our door was safety glass! I was surprised and relieved to see the etching indicating that it was in fact safety glass.

THIS RIGHT HERE……is why I already placed a pre-order for your book crime proof. I want to acquire as much information & knowledge that I can to learn about “what I didn’t know that I didn’t know”. Something this simple but yet so uncommonly known by the everyday person is absolutely invaluable. I cannot wait to read your book. Thank you again for all that you do to educate the people.

Nishan G., Tuned By Nishan

Crime Proof: Think Like a Criminal and Beat Them at Their own Game is a book for anyone that is serious about personal safety and responsibility. This is not your dad’s book on guns and awareness, but a fresh perspective on dealing with the dangers of the 21st century.  Master Firearms Instructor Anthony Colandro covers important topics such as hardening yourself and your family from the criminal element, to what happens when a violent encounter occurs. Crime Proof helps instill the mindset you need to survive!

Other important subjects covered include: Safety outside the home, travel safety, sending your kids off to college, defensive mindset, non-lethal weapons, natural disasters, mass-casualty events, firearm selection and use, and very important information on what to do when you’re dealing with the police. The book is also loaded with very important information on our digital world and delivers valuable information to keep you, your identity, and your children safe while navigating the great digital unknown.

Crime Proof is a complete cannon on giving yourself an edge and allows you to be armed with what you need in order to navigate a world of wolves as a sheep dog!